Hiệp Hội Doanh Nhân Việt Nam Ở Nước Ngoài
Kết nối doanh nhân Việt Nam trên toàn thế giới.


The Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV), established by Decision No. 273/2009/QĐ-BNV on March 13, 2009, issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, is a professional social organization representing the community of Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs abroad. Its mission is to “facilitate cooperation and information sharing among enterprises, entrepreneurs, and business organizations both domestically and internationally. This, in turn, promotes collaborative relationships in economic, commercial, scientific, and technological fields, contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.”

Since 2009, spanning three congresses, the association has successfully built a network of members in 40 countries and territories. It has become a robust center for unity among Vietnamese business associations worldwide, serving as a bridge for trade and investment promotion between Vietnamese entrepreneurs abroad and foreign enterprises and partners with those within the country. The association is an integral part and a valuable resource for the Vietnamese community in the process of building and developing the nation.

Under the guidance of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs, BAOOV will organize its 4th Congress for the term 2023-2028 from January 26 to January 27, 2024, at the Rex Hotel, 141 Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The event will witness the participation of exemplary overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs representing business associations from 40 countries and territories, along with over 100 delegates comprising Party and State leaders, leaders of ministries, departments, localities, foreign diplomatic representatives in Ho Chi Minh City, and organizations and associations that are partners of the Association.

The Congress will focus on reviewing and evaluating the results of the association’s activities during the term 2018-2023 and setting the direction, goals, tasks, and solutions from 2023-2028. Delegates will contribute opinions, propose amendments to the Association’s regulations, and elect the Executive Board for the term 2023-2028.

Adhering to and implementing Decision No. 1334/QĐ-TTg dated November 11, 2023, issued by the Prime Minister, approving the project “ Promoting the resources of Vietnamese people abroad to serve national development in the new situation,” the Association, under the principle of “Innovation – Unity – Creativity and Sustainable Development,” aims to enhance the participation of delegates from the domestic business community, Vietnamese enterprises, and overseas Vietnamese. This collaboration with state agencies will facilitate the connection of Vietnamese businesses and business organizations both domestically and internationally, establishing cooperative relationships with localities and organizations, creating the strength of the Vietnamese business community in general and the overseas Vietnamese business community in particular in the nation-building endeavor.


For further information, please contact:

Phone number: +84983316570 (Mr. Hoang Xuan Tam)

+84329007939 (Mr. Duong Viet Anh)

Email: Info@doanhnhanvietnam.org.vn

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